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UHF 3 Piece Crimp Connector
for cable types RG-8, 58, 59, & 62

Step 1
5B1.gif Run crimp ferrule over cable. Trim cable as shown. Avoid nicking the center conductor or outer braid (stray or loose braid may cause shorts).

Step 2
5B2.gif Flair outer braid as shown.

Step 3
5B3.gif Firmly push stripped assembly into connector body until 1/8" to 3/16" of center conductor protrudes from the nose of the center pin contact.

Step 4
5B4.gif Slip crimp sleeve into place butting the flange against the connector body. Crimp the sleeve into place with the proper crimp tool. Crimp the center contact with the proper crimp tool and trim the excess center conductor from the center pin contact housing.

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