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BNC 2 Piece Construction

Termination Instructions
for cable types RG-58, 59, 62

Step 1

Trim cable as shown, being careful not to nick the inner conductor or braid.

Step 2

Slip crimp ferrule over cable. Trim cable as shown. Fold braid back. Place inner conductor into contact. Note that the end of contact and inner dielectric must be butting and square.

Step 3

Flair outer braid and gently but firmly push the contact into the connector housing until a gentle snap is felt, indicating the contact is in place. Slip the crimp ferrule in place, butting the flange against the connector body.

Step 4

Using a universal crimp tool, crimp ferrule to connector using 0.320 hex.
Crimp cable support with appropriate hex:
0.264 - RG6 PVC
0.250 - RG59 PVC, RG6 TFE
0.212 - RG59 TFE, RG58 PVC

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