Alpine Tower


The Alpine Tower, located in Alpine, New Jersey, was constructed in 1937 by the late Major Howard Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio. The tower was restored in 1983, and the foundations were restored in 1987. The Alpine Tower is a heavily constructed 400 foot tower with three arms extending 75 feet on either side of the main structure. This tower was carefully planned and designed for high volume and heavy use by all forms of communications equipment.

Alpine Tower

With an overall elevation of 920 feet (the ground elevation begins at 520 feet), combined with its strategic positioning, the Alpine Tower is ideally sited for most communications applications. This tower, at less than 50% of the structures height, has a direct line of sight to all of Manhattan's skyline.

At the base of the super structure is a 6,900 square foot, one story cinder block building, built approximately three years ago, that is divided into 12 rooms. Space availability in each room varies from 190 square feet to 1,112 square feet.

24 hours per day Security protects the Alpine Tower systems and the customer owned communications equipment and services. This includes:

  • Personnel on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Computer controlled security fence
  • Closed circuit TV surveillance
  • Computer controlled and monitored key cards for building entry and room access
  • Fire protection with:
  • Fire identifier network in each room
  • High temperature alarm
  • Duct smoke detectors
  • Remote dialer alert system
  • Fire extinguisher rated for class A, B or C fires

Additional support systems include:

  • Emergency diesel power (175 kva)
  • Environmental control with back-up air conditioning units

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